SLmon, the S-Lang System Monitor

SLmon is a tool for monitoring system's performance. It displays results using nice and (hopefully) readable text-based UI. Currently monitored are:

  • CPU load (SMP is supported)
  • memory (including swap)
  • uptime, date and time
  • number of logged in users
  • network interfaces
  • running processes

SLmon uses glibtop version >= 1.0.0 and libslang version >= 1.2.2 (this version however has a bug that makes it impossible to write a character in lower right corner, but otherwise it works okay).

SLmon i written, maintained and copyrighted (C) 2000, 2001, 2002 by Krzysztof Luks


0.5.13 "Not quite dead, not quite alive" - 10 08 2004 Changes include support for latest libgtop (glib is now required!) plus some bugfixes (thanks Taz!).

Back from tyhe dead - 25 03 2003 Added forgotten release from October 2002, also some cosmetic changes to the web page. Maybe new version will follow soon.

0.5.12 - 01 10 2002 Configure fixes (should compile cleanly on systems without GNOME). Use inet_ntoa() when inet_ntop() is unavailable. Documentation updates.

0.5.11 - 05 07 2002 Fixed detection of LibGTop2, some code cleanups.

New RPMs - SLmon version 0.5.10.

Features in SLmon 0.6 see TODO section.

version 0.5.10 - 03 July 2002 Added experimental display of network transmission speed per second. Fixed small display bug.

SLmon 0.5.9 RPMs provided by Brandon George.

versoin 0.5.9 - 01 April 2002 Configurable update time, scrolling in network mode, fixed gnome-terminal transparency problems, fixes in


I plan to do another rewrite of SLmon soon. The proposed new design is:

  • Separate data aquisition part and User Interface. This means that there will be two programs: daemon (slmond) and client.
  • Client will communicate with server either via Unix domain socets or via TCP (UDP maybe?). This will enable users to monitor remote computers.
  • Several UIs can exist (eg. s-lang, GTK, ncurses etc.).
  • Server may optionaly support SNMP for data gathering.
  • Most parameters should be available via configuration file.

If you have any comments, crtiticism, feature requests about above design please don't hesitate to e-mail them to me and I'll try to include them in SLmon 0.6 :)


Please send any bug reports, feature requests and comments about SLmon to Also if you make packages for some operating system and/or different GNU/Linux distribution let me know. Remember that your feedback is very important to me.


I'd like thank following people for help I received in developing SLmon:

  • Martijn Pieterse and Antoine Nulle  -  authors of the
  • Piotr K.  -  betatesting, suggestions and screenshot :).
  • Marcin 'dombal' Dabrowski  -  betatesting.
  • Dan Bilik  - patch fixing incorrect count of AMD K6 CPUs and some suggestions.
  • Kacper Pleszkun  -  betatesting, bugreports.
  • Alexander Reelsen  -  Debian Potato packages.
  • Alan Ford  -  Debian Woody packages.
  • Edward Betts  -  bugreports.
  • Gabor Z. Papp  -  bugreports.
  • Mario Vanoni  -  suggestions and bugreports.
  • Tim Powers  -  RPM packages.
  • Brandon George  -  more RPM packages :)
  • Benoit Dejean  - libgtop 2.0 support, bugfixes.
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